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Founded in 1973 as the Organization of Chinese Americans, OCA is a 501(c)(3) national organization dedicated to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of all Asian-Pacific Americans. OCA aims to embrace the hopes and aspirations of the Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community.

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OCA Greater Tucson is one of over 50 chapters and affiliates across the country of OCA-Asian Pacific Advocates dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islanders (AANHPI).

We are a community grassroots organization acting on important local and national issues including voting rights, anti-Asian hate, family reunification, affirmative action, closing the digital divide, language access, access to health care, inclusion of AANHPI curriculum in K-12, and fair representation in the media and entertainment. We embrace not just the hopes and aspirations of Asian-Pacific Americans, but of all Americans. 

Through our work we strive to:

    - Advocate for social justice, equal opportunity and fair treatment

    - Promote civic participation, education and leadership

    - Advance coalitions and community building

    - Foster cultural heritage



PO BOX 31468   Tucson, AZ

Tel:  309-472-3059

Find us on Facebook here for announcements, community programs and activities, webinars, and workshops. 


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